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Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company – North America’s largest reclaimed wood source – Est. 2004 

Coney Island Boardwalk

Cape Fear Sinker Pine

Mushroom Wood

Moosup River Chestnut

Douglas Fir Pier

18" Cypress Planks

Asia Cargo Dunnage

Heart Pine Beams

Barn Siding

Our Rare, Reclaimed Wood

We supply & mill reclaimed wood from old structures and older virgin forests. Marked by time, weather, rivers and work, it’s strong and beautiful inside and out. This gift of Nature, tied up with history and mystery, grows rarer daily.  

Our wide, unmatched selection inspires architects and designers seeking distinct materials for creating unique projects.    

Rare, recovered & reclaimed wood from around the world

Welcome to our new reclaimed wood website!  We have dozens of species, hundreds of sources & surfaces, and millions of board feet from New York City, American farms, tropical jungles, local forests and more.

Our stock is deep and diverse, from Old Growth to 20th Century, and hand hewn to custom milled. From Coney Island Boardwalk to Kyoto Cargo to Cape Fear Sinker, Plus Select New Woods. We supply from our Massachusetts and Connecticut sites.

Armster family wood business

Our family started milling White Cedar siding for architects back in 1971. (And back in 1639, a Dutch ancestor worked in wood finishing in New Amsterdam!) Today, we also supply, mill and finish reclaimed lumber for wood flooring, paneling, siding, decking, trim, dimensional and wood countertops.

Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company

The Luxury of Rare Woods 

Designers choose our woods for beauty, durability and rarity. We stock distinct, unmatched lumber and logs to help them create unique projects with nature’s bounty, with or without patina.

We stock local, tropical, river-recovered, historical, hand hewn, Old Growth, barn wood, factory wood, cargo wood, water tank wood…rare roller rink, too. And plenty more!

Biggest US restoration project!

Manhattan, New York City, NY. We just milled 30,000 bf of period Heart Pine to replace the original 1879 floor of the Park Avenue Armory. That’s centuries-old New York City reclaimed wood milled for a NYC performance space.
Bravo, trees!  Good wood deserves an encore. 

Park Avenue Armory Hall 1885
Park Ave Armory reclaimed wood floor

Check out Armster’s INSTAGRAM account below! 


Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company – An Architect & Designer Resource

With over 30 years of reclaiming and milling experience, we provide high quality product and services for professionals. 

Our stock is rare wood, which is getting more difficult to source, so our customers and clients value what we offer, and they understand the ways of reclaimed wood. We supply the best available project materials and we custom mill it to architectural specification. Often, our materials are sought out by homeowners and professionals that want LEED certifiable woods for environmental and financial reasons. Utilizing reclaimed wood in design has many benefits, including strength, beauty and responsibility.

NYC Water Tank Redwood Paneling
Douglas Fir Stair Treads reclaimed from the Rainier Brewery
Reclaimed Wood Home Build by Vermont Barns

Sourcing the best reclaimed wood

Clients come to us for what’s hard to find, and they know that this is rare, recovered material, not just recycled wood. Some of our timber grew when natives roamed the forests, and some grew long ago in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. (None from Australia…yet)

Armster’s reclaimed selection includes Acacia, Angelique, Beech, Cedars, Cherry, Chestnut, Cumaru, Cypress, Ekki, Elm, Douglas Fir, Greenheart, Red Gum, Hemlock, Hickory, Maples, Mahogany, Oaks, Pines, Poplar, Redwood, Spruce, Teak, Tulip and others. We have boardwalk wood! And new wood, too.  

Reclaimed wood comes in countless dimensions and four surfaces: Original, Brushed, Skip Planed, and Full Planed (the new look). It can all be Custom Milled to spec, and to scale. We milled 50,000 bf of Western Red Cedar tank wood for Kieran Timberlake, the famed global architecture firm.

Kieran Timberlake Red Cedar Juice Tank on Yale Gallery
Angelique decking & Cedar Rain Screeen - Basil Walter
LEED-Awarded reclaimed rebuild with Douglas Fir tank siding - Wolf Architects

Reclaimed Wood Hospitality stimulates senses, thirsts, and appetites!

This wood is…awesome and inspirational. It has great age, strength, beauty, history, character, color, texture, patina and mystery. And it actually makes people feel good, helping them connect and converse; more reasons that cultural and hospitality destinations are big fans.
Take a look at some of our hospitality and retail clients’ creations HERE.

Mixed Coney Island Boardwalk - Whole Foods
Cypress Tank Wood Siding - Barcelona
Reclaimed Flooring and Ceiling

Rare, Reclaimed & Restored (RRR)

RRR means its 1) in shrinking supply, 2) recovered from diverse at-risk sources, and 3) given new life…a job…an encore!
This wood is for designers that want authenticity, quality and unique character. And beauty, of course. Lots of that in many ways.
We also stock structural timber, like massive beams and poles up to 45′ long and 22″ wide. Imagine what you could make!  


Thanks for visiting our growing site. We look forward to helping you find what you want, or discover something awesome, for building or designing any size project. We have more stock than you’ll find anywhere else, so give us a call to talk shop, or shop wood.


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