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Reclaimed Woods for Home Design

Home Design with Rare Wood

Reclaimed wood offers distinct opportunities for beautiful, durable home design. Our old growth wood has strength, color and grain dynamics that doesn’t just grow on trees anymore. They grew so slowly and large way back in time.  We have unmatched huge wood beams and wide planks for sale as is or milled into products. Reclaimed wood is a limited and sustainable resource.  Award-winning Wolf Architects, specialists in LEED design, rebuilt this home and created reclaimed siding and reclaimed flooring with our rare woods. 

Reclaimed wood for home design
Reclaimed wood for home design by Wolf Architects

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Here’s interiors of Wolf Architects above home with clear grain Heart Pine flooring milled from reclaimed old growth factory beams. Centuries old wood modernized! Designers understand that its strength is remarkable, to go with its beauty and unique history. It’s a high value element. This is a luxury product, because no current wood floor can match it. Explore the unique wood options in reclaimed wood to elevate your project.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Floor by Wolf Architects
Reclaimed Heart Pine Floor by Wolf Architects

Reclaimed Wood Siding

This is Wolf Architects’ addition to a 1930’s icon by a leader of New England’s Modernist movement. The owners wanted reclaimed siding that would with a contrasting color that would mute over time. The choice was Cypress wood reclaimed from massive juice tank staves. The range of colors and grain dynamics offer a lush palette that will grow more interesting with time.

Sinker Cypress and Reclaimed Tank Red Cedar Siding by Wolf Architects
Sinker Cypress and Reclaimed Tank Red Cedar Siding by Wolf Architects

Heart Pine Flooring

Besides our massive restoration project at the Park Avenue Armory, we provide other flooring. Here is skip planed and flat sawn Heart Pine flooring in two installations that we custom milled. Look at how wide these boards are!

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

We have stock of a range of woods that will make a distinct floor. Red Oak, White Oak, Heart Pine, Douglas Fir, Maple and Boardwalk are examples.

Our New stock includes Black Walnut, White Ash, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, and Elm.

Skip Planed Heart Pine Flooring by East Coast Flooring
Wide Plank Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed is Reborn (or Re-Barn)

Creating a modern home with reclaimed wood can also look antique. Here’s a big estate house built by Vermont Barns with our beams, boards, siding and more. This proves the resilience and attraction of good old wood and barn aesthetic.

Getting better with age

A lot of our wood is stronger and larger than you can get in the regular marketplace. Along with its beauty and history, that makes a solid package. We love working with this company and seeing what they design and build. Think about what you could do with such material and give us a call. 

Reclaimed Barn Wood Build by Vermont Barns

Barnwood as interior design

Designers can create lush, natural interiors with reclaimed wood in its many species, patinas and forms. From White Pine’s Whites and Pumpkin, to silvery cedar and oak, to conifer amber and browns, we offer colors. The textures that we have here came from hand work, weathering and time’s strong influence. Each species develops a look depending on milling, environment, usage and exposure, so it has a unique profile.  These fine interiors by Vermont Barns.  

Reclaimed Barn Wood interior by Vermont Barns
Reclaimed Barn Wood interior by Vermont Barns

Reclaimed Cherry Wood

George Washington cut a cherry tree down for adventure or furniture? Our Reclaimed Cherry wood is very rare, and here it is as flooring and doorway. 

Cypress Tank & Douglas Fir

Next is a wood-lovers dream with Vinegar Tank Cypress and Douglas Fir in a home by Duo Dickinson. The reclaimed wood is full planed and finished to accentuate the grain and rich colors.

Rare reclaimed Cherry Wood floor and doorway
Rare reclaimed Cherry Wood floor and doorway

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