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1870-1910 Factory Timber 

Wood built the 2nd Industrial Revolution

After the Civil War, our factory timber helped support an American manufacturing boom across the country. The factories were built with iron, brick and timber like Heart Pine and Douglas Fir.

Select and character grade wood was used for beams, joists, floors and front offices that held machinery, materials, staff and the economies of large and small cities.

Both Heart Pine (also called Longleaf or Yellow Pine) and Douglas Fir are conifers but their resin counts make them hard wood. They stay solid in rivers for decades and more, gaining a range of colors.

Original Factory Timber and Boards
Reclaimed Heart Pine Beams in NJ's Willow School

Heart Pine and Douglas Fir

Though clear cut in the Southeast since the mid-1800’s, heart pine still thrives in original buildings and in encores. Here is New York City wood, industry heart pine timbers as exterior framing of a school by Farewell Architects.

Rainier Brewery Wood – 1912

Douglas Fir hails from the Northwest US, and once stood tall over millions of acres. It was  cut for western expansion and shipped east for construction. These stair treads by BKSK Architects are milled from factory timber of the 1912 Rainier Brewery in Washington. Reclaimed is reborn! Or re-brewed.


Reclaimed Heart Pine Beams in NJ Willow School
Reclaimed Rainier Brewery Douglas Fir for Treads

Heart Pine as Factory Timber

We stock thousands of board feet of Heart Pine, Oak, Douglas Fir and Maple that’s prized by architects, designers and restorers for it’s looks and strength.

Whether clear/vertical grain or flat sawn, heart pine is a classic that’s contemporary.

Seen here in a beautiful residential floor by Wolf Architects of Boston. Next to that is the largest restoration project in the US, the Park Avenue Armory floor. We milled 30,000 bf to replace the original 1879 heart pine floor. That’s Phase 1.

Below are more Heart Pine floors, all flat sawn,  and the last one skip planed.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring by Wolf Architects
Park Avenue Armory Floor Restoration - 30k board feet of heart pine
Flat Sawn Heart Pine Floor
Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring by Wolf Architects
Park Avenue Armory Floor Restoration - 30k board feet of heart pine

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