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NYC Reclaimed Wood – Centuries of Timber from near and far 


Why’s NYC reclaimed wood so popular?
It’s from all over and adaptable, just like New Yorkers! From Local Oaks to NW Redwood, back to SE Heart Pine & Cypress, and from Africa to So. America and Asia, to build the greatest big city. 

Coney Island Boardwalk Wood

Old Growth Tropical Hardwood was cut in the 1900’s for NYC area boardwalks. We milled some for this High Line park bench.
It resists insects, decay, time and mustard! 

Coney Island and its boardwalk
Reclaimed Angelique bench on the High Line

NYC reclaimed wood restored

Tropical boardwalk wood weathers very slowly and maintains integrity over time. Here’s some natural and planed on a Brooklyn Trader Joe’s wall. 

There’s Greenheart, Ekki and Cumaru in this chevron boardwalk wood sample. You can see both tight and wild grain. 

For more New York Reclaimed Wood like Coney Island Boardwalk wood, visit our Boardwalk Collection page.


Reclaimed Boardwalk Wood on Brooklyn Whole Foods Wall
NYC Reclaimed Wood - Planed Boardwalk Chevron Sample

NYC reclaimed rooftop water tank

Looking up in NYC, you can see forests replanted as rooftop tanks. Redwood and Cypress were used since the early 1900’s as water storage for most buildings.

Redwood Tank & Cypress Tank

Due to their lightness and resistance to rot, decay and insects, these woods were ideal. In the sample image of exteriors you can see the straight grain and the grooves from the iron rings that circled the tanks and stained them.


NYC Water Tanks
Redwood Tank Weathered Exterior

NYC reclaimed rooftop water tank

Iron staining in this wall of reclaimed redwood tank wood tells the story of its work and complements it. Redwood has minimal knots due to its branch profile.

Cypress tank wood, of one of the slowest growing trees, is also prized. As seen in this wall of a restaurant, it has a lighter color profile, both interior and exterior.

For more on these products, visit our Tank Wood Collection.  



COMING SOON – Industry Timber, New York Bay Pier Wood, Port of New York Cargo Dunnage, and more
NYC Reclaimed Wood - Redwood Paneling from Water Tank
Reclaimed Cypress Tank Wood as Restaurant Paneling

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