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Educating with reclaimed lumber

Willow School Reclaimed Lumber

Farewell Architects used our stock of reclaimed lumber to source for this new NJ school. (The project was epic, so it will get its own page!)

These are Heart Pine beams, struts, and joists from the Second Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s.

Six types of reclaimed lumber, including Sinker Cypress, plus new White Cedar and stone slabs were used!  Willow students learn about sustainability and environmental efforts supported by the design.

Willow School's Heart Pine Beams of Reclaimed Lumber for
Willow School Reclaimed Interior beams and boards

Sidwell Friends Siding 

Kieran Timberlake reworked an old DC school into a fully sustainable system. We supplied and milled for decking, siding and rain screen that’s also solar shade that reduces energy costs.

Our 40K sf of reclaimed Western Red Cedar wood from juice tanks provided unique siding and profile design opportunities. The whole school system has become a valuable teaching tool and an inspiration for students.

Sidwell Friends reclaimed red cedar tank wood
Sidwell Friends reclaimed red cedar tank wood siding

Yale Sculpture Gallery Rain Screen

Another project by Kieran Timberlake with reclaimed red cedar tank wood as a rain screen. The firm convinced Yale to use the wood building to reach out into the New Haven community. The reclaimed tank staves are aging to a beautiful soft gray patina, blending with other campus elements. 

Reclaimed lumber for Yale Art Gallery - Western red cedar tank wood
Yale Art reclaimed red cedar tank wood

Williams College Solar Screen

Not reclaimed lumber, but it is acclaimed. William Rawn Associates created this solar shading from our milled white ash.   

White Ash Wood is awesome

A very strong hardwood, and found as tool handles and baseball bats, White Ash is versatile. It can be bone white and have remarkable grain figuring. It’s also a beautiful choice for flooring. 

Williams College Theater Building Solar Shade
Williams College Theater Building Solar Shade

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