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Reclaimed Tank Wood – 1930-1960’sĀ 

Redwood, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Red Cedar from Tanks

This is New York City wood. Our selection of tank wood is from a variety of sources, but all had one purpose: holding liquids. So we have water tank, wine tank, juice tank, pickle tank, vinegar tank or even Worcestershire sauce tank. Yum.

From iconic rooftop cylinders, to massive commercial vats, certain woods were used for their natural properties. Their strength and lightness, plus resistance to insects, rot and decay, made them ideal. They became huge staves, bound together in circles across the USA, to quench our thirsts.

Redwood Water Tanks in NYC
Reclaimed Redwood Water Tank wood

Reclaimed Redwood Tank Wood

Few trees are revered like mighty redwoods of the Pacific Northwest. The colors, from tan to deep red, are beautiful and its grain profile is optimal with less knots. Reclaimed redwood is the right way to go.

Some companies sell new wood, but we feel that there’s more cultural importance in using reclaimed redwood. This coffered ceiling is in the MADE Hotel‘s rooftop bar in Nomad District of New York City.

And that re-sawn wall has iron band staining from decades of earlier work as an urban water tank. It’s New York City wood that stood above all- or a lot.

Reclaimed Redwood Water Tank wood ceiling - MADE Hotel
Reclaimed Redwood Water Tank wood paneling

Reclaimed Tank Wood Samples

Here are some views of some versions of how the woods can look when weathered, planed or waxed.

Reclaimed Redwood Water Tank wood sample
Reclaimed Cypress Water Tank wood sample

Reclaimed Cypress Tank Wood

Slow-growing and long-living Cypress trees are mostly from the Southeast US swamps and wetlands. They are thus highly resistant and their warm colors range from pale tan to light orange. Seen here are two Hospitality applications, exterior and interior. The great resilience of Cypress makes it a natural for siding, and its beauty attracts closer attention. We stock reclaimed Cypress tank wood in large staves from juice and water tanks.

Reclaimed Cypress Tank wood siding
Reclaimed Cypress Tank wood paneling

Reclaimed Red Cedar Tank

These projects by Kieran Timberlake used 30,000 bf of Red Cedar Juice Tank Wood. The Sidwell Friends School of DC wanted a total re-think into a teachable, sustainable system. And the Yale Sculpture Gallery is a reach out from the famous campus into the community. Red Cedar Tank Wood is harder to come by due to its strength and beauty. Being highly resistant, it is sought after, and thus rare. Building and designing with reclaimed tank woods offers natural dynamics transformed by human ingenuity. A beautiful combo.

Reclaimed Red Cedar Juice Tank wood siding at Sidwell Friends
Reclaimed Red Cedar Juice Tank wood rain screen at Yale Art Gallery

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood

From the western US, Douglas Fir has a reputation as a strong, resistant evergreen with dynamic grain figuring. The colors can range from very light sapwood to pink and purple heartwood. Here is some of our Reclaimed Douglas Fir pier wood, as veneer, not reclaimed tank Douglas Fir. And the next one is a close-up of the Douglas Fir Tank wood – see the iron band staining down low?

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Paneling from New York Bay
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Tank wood paneling

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