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Reclaimed Wood for Hospitality and Retail Businesses 

Reclaimed Wood Welcome

We help designers find the right reclaimed wood to create distinct hospitality and retail environments.

From floor to ceiling, inside or out, and everything between, we offer a strength, looks and feels that can’t be matched. Customers like to visit destinations so give them one to remember. Enjoy and bon appetit!

Reclaimed White Pine Wood Flooring & Ceiling
Reclaimed Cypress Tank Wood Siding

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood & New Black Walnut

This is rare, old growth chestnut that we milled as bar top wood. American Chestnut was one of the great trees before a fungus in 1900 decimated the species. Much of what’s around is Wormy Chestnut, with its signature tiny holes, but there is some pre-blight chestnut. This is New Park Brewery, Butchers & Bakers, and then lots of Black Walnut tops, all by New England Wood Tops, our sister company, for the new Beam House in Glastonbury. 

Reclaimed Chestnut Bar @ New Park Brewery
28 Black Walnut Tables for The Beam House by NEWT

Rare, reclaimed woods

Below is a melon bin of very rare reclaimed Cherry wood (with circle and water saw marks) at Whole Foods. Next to that are Hemlock display and service fixtures at a NYC Rag & Bone store. 
Last, it’s reclaimed, clear Douglas Fir (charred) at NYC’s Sneakers n’ Stuff, where celebrities get shod. 

You only get this look, authenticity and substance with rare, reclaimed wood. Enjoy the tour. 

Reclaimed Cherry Wood Bins
Reclaimed Hickory Wood Fixtures - Rag & Bone

Redwood, Softwoods, and Boardwalk on high

Here’s a reclaimed tank redwood ceiling by Studio MAI in the rooftop bar at MADE Hotel in NYC. Then the main ceiling of NE softwoods and a Coney Island boardwalk ceiling at City Point, Brooklyn. All woods provide natural lushness with vibrant colors, and always durability.  

Reclaimed Water Tank Redwood Ceiling at MADE Hotel
Mixed NE Softwoods ceiling at City Point, Brooklyn
Coney Island Boardwalk Paneling at Whole Foods

Hospitality design calls for nature connections 

Whatever your taste, appetite or thirst, reclaimed lumber supports rough or refined palates. The range of looks, from patina to full planed and stained, offers anyone who likes wood something to love – and talk about! Below; from the rustic, to the refined, to the casual (with more Coney Island Boardwalk wood).

Reclaimed White Pine paneling and White Oak tables
Reclaimed Cypress Paneling

This wood is really good…with food & drink

Ceiling designs create special dynamics that evoke the past and support current styles. They also provide space-defining looks that transcend the material itself to build unique environments. 

Reclaimed White Pine Joists at Barteca
Reclaimed Wood Paneling, Flooring and Ceiling

Reclaimed wood floors – from rough to refined

Dining on beautiful, historic wood provides rich, natural connections. Below is a reclaimed, skip planed & stained white pine floor; a full planed barn hardwood mix; and a new, sustainable black walnut floor.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring at Barcelona
Reclaimed wood mix flooring - Beam House
Sustainable Black Walnut Flooring at Bully Hill Tavern

Reclaimed wood and Sustainable wood

Here is Du’s Donuts in Brooklyn and another restaurant displaying a spectrum of tones, species and treatments. In the last image, are hickory slab lights, reclaimed white oak flooring, heart pine and ash millwork, original surface planking for the walls, reclaimed oak for the tops and character elm for the booths.

Reclaimed Wood at Du's Donuts in Brooklyn

Design your business with wood that attracts 

We serve clients who seek what’s unique, and what’s attracting to customers. Reclaimed wood is proven to give people good feelings and to inspire conversation. All you need to provide is good food and drink. 

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