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Special Woods from near and far

We stock (and seek) special wood lots that have material value, beauty and history. They were once someone’s destination, pastime, vocation, craft, protection or source of pride. Think of things like bowling alleys, roller skating rinks, gym floors and bleachers, telephone poles, wine barrels, mushroom boxes and more. They’re part of the American landscape, and made of great wood that will mostly never grow again like this.


Special Wood Pastimes

A bowling alley was a part of life for many Americans; a unique shared experience. It was just fun or competitive, but it became a destination got into our memories and movies.

The amazingly resilient lanes were mostly a maple and pine combo. Maple took the hits and while Pine helped in ball control.

Source: New England alley
Mostly clear with some painted marks
Dimensions: 1″ x 2″ x > 12′

Bowling lane maple and pine
Bowling lane maple table

Cargo Wood from Asia 

We have interesting dunnage: wood buffering blocks from ships. This exotic lot was cut and kiln-cured in SE Asia, sent to  Japan, then sent here, as buffers between railroad rails.

You can see ferrous tinting from the iron here on four species. Then look at a few of the interiors! Amazing colors! The paneling that’s hidden inside is beautiful, from blond to deep red. 

Weathered and/or marked on four sides
Dimensions: 2.5″ x 3″ x 78″.

Asia Cargo mixed woods from shipping dunnage
Asia Cargo mixed woods interiors from shipping dunnage

Roller Rink Redux

We hope that almost everyone went at least once to a roller rink. The music, lights and range of skaters made it a very special time and place. And you didn’t have to be good.

We’ve reclaimed the cedar lattice ceiling, the maple flooring, and oak floor joists.



New England Roller Rink Maple and Oak
Reclaimed Maple flooring

Mushroom Wood? 

Not from giant mushrooms! This topographic wood (mostly hemlock) is from mushroom grow boxes.  Enzymes from the soil-fungus mix eat the soft fibers, leaving a rough landscape, where knots become buttes.

Even if you don’t like mushrooms, you’ll like this unique look for paneling and siding. Try pairing it with wine barrel wood. 

Dimensions: 3/4-1″ x 6-9″ x > 12′ 

Hemlock Wood as Mushroom Wood
Hemlock Wood as Mushroom Wood

Red Cedar Phone Poles

Old Growth Western Red Cedar trees stood tall as phone and utility poles.  

Our stock’s great for large dimension projects like pergolas and stair treads. 
Beautiful colors and grain dynamics, it’s resistant to insects, decay and rot. 
We just milled this pergola for the NYC Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian garden.

Source: New England Utility Company
Dimensions: 28″ wide x 12′ long 

Western Red Cedar Telephone Poles
Western Red Cedar Reclaimed Telephone Poles as Pergola at Smithsonian

Bleacher Wood Planks

High school gym games are like nothing else; loud, inspiring and full of promise or loss.  The cheering, cheerleading and the wooden bleachers made it all iconic. 

A great source of Old Growth Douglas Fir: our gymnasium bleacher stock. This aged, hard wood is resistant to decay and insects, stomping students and yelling.

Source: St. Paul High School in Bristol, CT
Finished on 3 sides.
Dimensions: 3/4″ & 1″ x 5″-11″ x >18′.
We can plane to original surface.  

Douglas Fir High School Gym Bleachers
Douglas Fir High School Gym Bleacher Wood Flooring

Gym Floor Maple

It survived basketball, volleyball, dodge-ball and more to be here today. Check out our reclaimed maple flooring for a solid new floor that can take it and look cool. Keep the paint or finish it to clean maple. 

Source: New England High School
Mix of paint and clear lengths


Reclaimed Gym Floor Maple
Reclaimed Gym Floor Maple

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